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918026 Classic Rainwear Jacket Mens
Colors S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL

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Product Description


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918026 Classic Rainwear Jacket Mens

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Product Description :

Long line jacket, storm proof collar and cuffs, concealed hood, fully lined in brushed cotton and taffeta, embroidery access



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Minimums. Do you have minimum quantities per order?

  • In most cases... no we do not! We do not even have a minimum spend as some uniform companies do.


  • Please note that for some select product ranges, we do have minimums as imposed upon us by the manufacturer. This minimum is usually 10 units and this only effects a very small range of our products.


  • We are one the few uniform businesses that allow you to order as many or as little as you want! The problem with uniform companies that have a "Minimum Policy" is that you order your bulk range which is fine. But then you want to order one or two new garments for a new staff member and they make you buy 50 units!!! That will never happen here with our apparel range.

Freight. How much does the freight cost?

  • Trying to create a automatic rule of thumb for freight is a nightmare... but we have come up with a solution which will cover most orders.


  • To save money, each label comes from a different distribution warehouse. This means that we are able to charge a flat rate per label for most orders depending on quantity and weight of order.


  • Our minimum freight & handling charge for the first label is only $19.95 (exc tax). This means that if you wishes to buy products from additional labels, then you will only be charged an additional $9.95 per label thereafter (exc tax).


  • For exceptionally large orders or when delivering to remote locations and when the shipping costs exceeds our normal delivery and handling fee, we will notify you of the additional freight charge before proceeding with the order.


  • We have also used the same principle above for when you have selected to include branding on your order.

Quotes. How do i get a quote?

  • This is where the webs most advanced uniform web site comes in extremely handy.


  • You can create your own quote online right now without having to wait for someone to get back to and possibly increase thier prices so that they have room to move should you decide to haggle or compare quotes!


  • All you do is;


    • Order exactly what you want on line.
    • Add the branding you require (embroidery, screen printing or even no branding).
    • Go to the "Check Out" in the shopping cart enter your details and then simply click "QUOTE" rather than applying a payment in the shopping cart!


    • It can not get any easier and it is without any obligation.

ETA. How long does it take to receive my order?

  • This question is not the easiest to answer as many factors come in to consideration for actual delivery times.


  • Unfortunaltey we can not give definate delivery times as that is the responsibility of the out-sourced freight company and the location to where it is being delivered.


  • What we can provide is some guestimates as to when dispatch can occur from the time of placing your order.


  • Dispatch times vary depending on your order but here are some guildelines.


    • Unbranded Orders;    24-48 hours to dispatch
    • New Orders with Branding Set Up Required;    2-4 weeks to dispatch
    • Repeat Orders with Branding;    5-14 working days to dispatch.
    • Deliveries to PO Boxes; 1 week to dispatch as the stock needs to come to the office from the warehouse(s) prior to dispatch
    • Discount Scrubs Range (Custom Made Off Shore); 2-3 weeks

Branding. How much is it for embroidery, printing or even set ups?

  • The price for branding depends on your logo, the size of your logo, the amount of work and colours involved in your logo, the garments you are ordering, the quantity of garments you are ordering... the list goes on!


  • To make life easier, we have set out the general prices for embroidery and printing. To view, simply follow click on the "Embroidery" or "Printing" link at the top of this web page.


  • To order embroidery or printing with us, simply add your garments that you require to the shopping cart. Once you access your shopping cart, you will be automatically taken to our BRANDING PAGE where you can either select to use it or you can select not to use our branding service!

Sports Numbers. How do I order Digital Sports Numbers?

  • Yes! We not only supply Sports Numbers but we also apply them for you!


  • We offer two different sizes in two different colours.


  • We have small numbers for the front of garments or sleeves and larger numbers for back of garments.


  • We provide the numbers in either black or white colour.


  • Yes we can also do your logo in digital printing. Digital Printing is ideal for small run sportswear, promotional wear and club uniforms. Digital Printing is not ideal for business or work uniforms as the print tends not to last as long should it be worn everday. It is ideal for sportswear or promotional wear which does not get worn as much.


  • To order digital numbers simply click on the "Alterations" tab to the left and select which form of digital print numbers it is that you require.

Advance Search. What if I can not find what I am looking for?

  • If you have have a particular garment or colour that you are interested in, we provide you with 5 methods of finding it on our website! Basically... if it is avaible in our industry, we will either have it or get it!


  • First... try searching by using the Uniform links on the left of the page. We have categorised all garments into one or more of the links on the left.


  • Second... to assist you even further, try searching for the product by using the CATEGORY links underneath the uniform links. These links are the most popular searches for uniforms and cover most of the main industries.


  • Third... if you know the code (SKU) of the product or the product name, simply enter it in the top right hand SEARCH window and press search. This will find the appropriate product immediately.


  • Fourth... to make life even easier for you, we have designed this countries only "SEARCH". Simply click the above link titled "Online Stylist" and answer the 3 easy to understand questions and our automated system will search our entire product base for the most appropriate products.


  • Finally... still need help? Then click here to go to "StarHelp" which is our online live help software which we have developed. You can communicate directly with one of our professionally trained customer managers. We have developed this software into our website as we have found it a far more useful tool in showing products and directing to you the perfect uniform! Give it a shot!

Why are your prices so much cheaper than other sites that i have visited?

  • Our business model has been designed to cut as much of our over-heads and expenses as possible so as to provide the cheapest prices direct to the market.


  • Our business model has been completely set-up as a online business. We have found this to be the easiest and cheapest way of running our business.


  • By eliminating our expenses and still provide highly quality products and services, our customers are able to buy direct and save!


  • PLUS... if you see the exact same product advertised for less (highly unlikely) on another website, quote or advertising brochure... we will beat it! You simply need to show us the original website link, quote or advertisement!


  • This is our Promise to you!

Sizes. How can i know what size to order?

  • To assist you in making the right choices, we have added a size chart to almost every prodoct on the actual Product Description Page which is where you order the garment.


  • Plus... to make it even easier to understand the sizing chart, we have added above the actual size chart a full descriptive image which can be open and viewed so as to learn how best to read the size chart.


  • We are hoping shortly to add a online video which will explain the best way to size yourself or staff.



Orders. Can we fax or telephone our order to you?

  • As we are an online business, we are doing everything to keep costs down so that we can pass on the savings to you! One of the most expensive components of a uniform business is when staff need to manually enter orders.


  • We have developed the internets most advanced online uniform business. By ordering online you are able to ensure that the correct garments and branding are ordered.


  • A great benefit of online ordering is that the order is automated into our production system whereas manual orders use to take 1-2 days for entering.


  • Another benefit of our system is that your personal details are kept confidential and protected. For this reason, all orders MUST be placed on our website and into our shopping cart.

Accounts. Can I open a Credit Account?

  • Our sole mission is to provide all customers with the highest grade products at the lowest prices.


  • In order to do this we need to insist that all orders are pre-paid prior to the order being accepted.


  • For customers who have spent over $50,000 with us in a calendar year, we will be prepared to open a 30 day account subject to acceptance of our Letter of Credit Application Terms and Conditions.

Sales Reps. Do you have Sales Reps to come to us?

No. We use to have on road reps but we soon discovered that we had to raise our prices quite considerably to cover the costs involved with staff, cars, fuel, insurance, wages, commissions... and lots more.


Our new model is simple, it is all online at the cheapest possible prices!


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